20 Pretty Darn Good Reasons to Start Running RIGHT NOW

1. Location, location, location.

You can do it anywhere! Whether on your local trail or on a treadmill, it’s easy to rack up miles no matter where you are.

2. Make new friends.

Runners. Are. Awesome. Trust me when I say: being friends with awesome people is better than being friends with regular people.

3. Run away stress.

Instead of engaging in a Netflix marathon, try running an ACTUAL marathon. Not only does running boost the brain’s serotonin levels, regular exercise actually makes you stress resistant. –Yes, please. I’ll take two.

4. Save some cash.

Who needs fancy equipment or a pricey gym membership? When it comes to running, all you need is the right pair of kicks. Okay… and a good sports bra, ladies.

5. It makes you smarter.

A recent study found that 30 minutes of exercise immediately resulted in up to a 10 percent improvement in cognition or being more effective in processing a problem or situation. (I know several people who really need to go for a run, like, right now.)

6. Do you like carbs?

Well here’s your excuse to slurp up that second helping of spaghetti. During intense training cycles (like preparing for a race), increasing your carb intake can help your performance. Nods to the waiter to keep-that-shredded-parmesan-cheese-a-comin.

7. Variety is the spice of life.

Between changing your route, mixing in interval training, experimenting with distances, and registering for races, it’s easy to keep your running routine as fresh as a daisy.

8. Natural energy enhancement.

Feeling sluggish? Try going for a run instead of lounging on the couch. Just ONE run will immediately decrease fatigue. BREAK THE CYCLE PEOPLE!

9. Live longer.

Runners not only have fewer disabilities and remain active far longer than their sedentary counterparts, they actually live longer too. Do you really need to keep reading?? #LiveLife

10. Me time.

Pop in your headphones and enjoy your favorite podcast, Spotify station, or just revel in the peace and quiet. –Yeah, Mama, I’m talking to you.

11. Feel the burn.

For a 160-pound person, running can burn more than 850 calories an hour! 850. That’s not a typo. 8-5-0.

12. Better Zzzzzzz’s.

Running encourages higher quality sleep, which translates to elevated energy levels and a reduction in feeling exhausted all the time.

13. Free facial.

Believe it or not, working up a sweat can actually rid your pores of the gunk that clogs them and leads to acne. Bonus.

14. Boost memory.

Pounding the pavement can reduce symptoms of dementia and protect the brain against Alzheimer’s. (So now when people call you crazy, it’s because you wake up at 4 a.m. to run.)

15. Perspective.

People who are physically active typically have a sunnier disposition and brighter outlook on life. Again, I know a few people who could REALLY benefit from this tidbit of information.

16. Hello, gorgeous!

Running often results in a slimmer physique and trimmer waistline, which could in turn boost your self-esteem.

17. Dog friendly.

Everyone knows dogs are “man’s best friend” – but they can also be your best workout buddy too! Grab a leash and give your pup a new kind of treat.

18. It’s good for your health.

Numerous studies report that running reduces your risk of developing cancer and heart disease. Really. Seriously. I am not making any of this up. Running. Is. Good. For. You.

19. Runner’s high.

Studies have also proven that running really does produce feel-good endorphins in the areas of the brain associated with emotion. {Runner’s high — Still legal in all 50 states!}

20. Because I said so.

I’m a mom, so I’m evoking this age old, tried and true, and quite sound -if I do say so myself- line of reasoning.


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