A Love Story: Road Racing and the MS Track Club

By RUNable Chris | 01/07/2020

Mississippi Track Club gave me the goal and direction I needed to gain the positive reinforcement required to solidify my love of the beautiful, beautiful sport of RUNNING!

20 Pretty Darn Good Reasons to Start Running RIGHT NOW

By RUNable Chris | 08/15/2018

I can count on one hand the number of things I hate about running. (I can’t think of one off hand, Ironically). But there’s DOZENS of things I love about it. Here’s my top 20 list…

What I Learned From Streaking

By RUNable Chris | 08/03/2018

“Running streak” is totally not the same as “streaking,” but it can be just as invigorating. At least, I assume.

How Running Found Me

By RUNable Chris | 07/27/2018

There are so many things that I love about running… It has truly changed me for the better. Knowing how key running was (and still is) in my journey to find myself, I now possess this overwhelming desire to share this secret with everyone, including YOU. Yes, I’m looking at you! 4 years and 40 […]

Let’s talk Race Reviews (& Ice Cream!)

By RUNable Chris | 07/26/2018

Reviewing races. Scarfing down ice cream. Which one of these activities does the editor or RUNable enjoy more? Honestly, it’s a toss up.

You’re In? What now? (Hint: Start here!)

By RUNable Chris | 07/03/2018

So… you think you’re up for some running, but you don’t know how to start? Take it from someone who has been there: running is fun. It’s the starting that’s tough.

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