You’re In? What now? (Hint: Start here!)

So you’ve answered the “Are ( R ) You ( U ) In ( N )” question with a resounding “YES!”

What now??

Wellll… lucky you’ve found yourself HERE. I’m going to give you the “leg up” you need to get yourself off “on the right foot.” (Man, I love running puns!!)

Okay, if you read my “How Running Found Me” RUNablog post, you may have noticed I mentioned buying my first pair of running shoes…

At Kohl’s.


…the crowd gasps in shock and horror…

Allow me to save you some time, energy and money, my friend.

Go (right now) to your local running shoe store and get yourself properly fitted into the “RIGHT SHOE FOR YOU.”

I say it that way because SO often people want to know what shoe I wear. (Hoka Bondi 5’s, by the way.) Which is all fine and good BUT the right shoe for me, may not be the right shoe for you! That’s why I tell everyone STEP 1 is to go get fitted by a professional. Most running specialty stores offer this service for free. Why not take advantage of it? If you live in Central Mississippi like me, your best bet is Fleet Feet Sports in Ridgeland. (*Updated to add: FF recently opened a new location in Dogwood/ Flowood!)

Now if, once you find the right shoe for you, you want to scour bargain bins at large chain retailers or order your favorite make and model online, by all means, please do. (Anyone who knows me knows I am a penny pincher and a sucker for a “deal.”) But when you’re first starting out, investing a couple extra bucks paying retail price will I PROMISE save you money, time and probably shin splints. (Worth every penny. Shin splints are the worst.)

So, you just got back from your favorite running specialty store! Awesome. How do those new kicks feel? Good? Woohoo! NOW you’re really ready! Okay, so… WHAT NOW?

Time to get plugged in with the best people on this earth.

That’s right. RUNNERS.

Here are some links to a couple of my favorite local-ish running groups:


Visit Their Facebook Page

This little Facebook community is headed up by none other than the infamous, Melinda Howard. Though she be but little, she is fierce! AND one of the nicest, most genuine folks you’ll ever meet. Her Facebook group is a great source of community, where you can find lots of encouragement and support, whether you’re a newbie or an old pro.


Visit Their Facebook Page

This group meets several times a week for social runs, mostly in the Fondren area. Local running celebrity, Jennifer Cecil leads this pack, affectionately named after the one thing Jackson, Mississippi is famous for: our potholes! (Funny cause it’s true.)


I joined the track club several years ago and have made a ton of running friends there. Jack Ward, the club’s president directs many local races so it’s a great place to dip your toe into local running culture.


Visit Their Facebook Page

RunStrong is the group I train with regularly, led by Coach Jeremy Jungling. Check out their Facebook page or website and plan to join us on our next Social Run! (PS – There’s often beer, pizza or some other treat involved. After all, that’s the real reason we run, right?)


Visit Their Facebook Page

This grass roots organization hosts several trail-runs each year, with many “ultra” distance options. They raise a lot of money for local causes and are an all-around really great group of guys and gals. (Like my Momma would’ve said, “They good people.)

Last but humbly not least:


Visit OUR Facebook Page

RUNable is your one-stop shop to find your next race or your first one. We maintain a pretty darn cool (if I do say so myself) Race Calendar, host a monthly $5 5k, and meet every Friday morning for a 5 a.m. social run. (Although I don’t know how “social” I am at 5 a.m., but I digress.)

Our goal is to connect runners with running events, so please check the EVENTS section of our Facebook page, the aforementioned calendar page, or drop me a line below.

RUNable is also host to a fun RUNablog page that includes sections that cover:

  • Race Reviews
  • The Adventures of Nora the Explorer (that’s my spoiled little JRT)
  • RUNspiration posts. (RUNable’s take on INSPIRATION. Who couldn’t use a little more of that?)

You ARE ready. You ARE willing. You ARE able.

Yes!! Let’s do this!

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